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What to Do If My Ex is Not Paying Child Support?

It can be incredibly stressful and frustrating when your ex is not paying child support. After all, you rely on those payments to help pay for the costs of rearing your child. If you have discussed the matter with your ex, and they are still refusing to pay child support or ignoring your attempts to talk to them, it’s time to look at your legal options.

Enforcing a Child Support Order in Florida

To enforce a child support order and ensure that your ex takes responsibility for their actions, you can file a motion for civil contempt. This motion informs the court that your ex is not paying child support. You need to prove that your ex is in contempt of the order by showing that:

The court will schedule a hearing where a judge will determine whether your ex is in contempt. If the judge believes your ex is in contempt, they will issue an order that details when and how your ex must pay overdue payments. The judge may likewise decide to include other penalties, such as fines or jail time.

The judge may order various remedies to collect child support payments from your ex, such as:

In addition, the judge can order your ex to pay for your lawyer fees and other costs related to filing the contempt motion, such as travel costs and fees for expert witnesses.

If your ex refuses to pay court-ordered child support payments, leaving you overwhelmed with the responsibility of financially supporting your child, discuss your case with Brian McMahon, our West Palm Beach family lawyer, to learn about your legal options. Call our office at 561-658-1789 or send us an online message to set up your free case review with our West Palm Beach family lawyer today.