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How Long Does Divorce Usually Take?

Once a person is ready to end their marriage, they usually do not want the process to drag on too long. They want to get the divorce finalized as soon as possible so they can move on with their lives.

For a first timer, there are often a lot of questions surrounding the divorce process. One common one is: how long will it take?

There is no clear-cut answer to this question because it depends on many factors. Do you have children? Is it a high-asset divorce? Do you and your spouse agree on everything, or is it a contested divorce?

Florida requires you to wait at least 20 days from the date you file to get a divorce, so a divorce will take at least three weeks. From there, it depends primarily on the type of divorce. For example, Florida offers what is called a simplified divorce, which can be resolved in just a few months. However, you and your spouse would both have to agree to all the following:

If you do not qualify for a simplified divorce, you can still end your marriage, but the process will take longer. In Florida, an uncontested divorce can take anywhere from four months to a year, depending on whether there are children involved and how willing you and your spouse are to come to an agreement on all the major issues.

Contested divorces are more complex, as there are often significant assets involved, children involved, and other areas of disagreement that must be settled. A judge will have to decide on the major issues. Contested divorces can take anywhere from six months to several years to be finalized, especially if a case has to go to trial.

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In Florida, the divorce process can take a few months, or it may take a few years. There are many variables involved, but if you can come to an agreement with your spouse on all the major issues, your divorce can be finalized much more quickly.

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