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Does Cheating Affect Spousal Support in FL?

Divorce is a complex situation. There are many elements involved, and each state has different laws. For example, in some states, cheating on your spouse can affect your divorce.

Is this true in Florida? It depends. Florida is a no-fault state when it comes to divorce, so a spouse does not need to be blamed for causing the marriage to end. However, there is state law to consider. Under Florida Statutes Section 61.08, when determining the amount of alimony, the court may consider the adultery of either spouse and any resulting economic impact.

What this means is that the fact that one spouse cheated on the other is not enough to prevent the award of alimony. The court will be looking for financial effects related to the adultery. For example, if your wife is asking for alimony but she used marital funds to buy gifts for her affair partner or took them on expensive vacations, then her alimony will likely be affected. She will receive a lower amount or possibly none at all.

It is also important to note that adultery could potentially affect other aspects of the divorce proceedings, such as property division or child custody. This is the case if the cheating had a financial impact on the marriage or if it affected any children involved.

However, cases of adultery are not he said/she said situations. The non-cheating spouse will need to be able to show proof of financial detriment due to the cheating. They must be able to show that marital assets (which could have been used to benefit the marriage) were instead wasted on non-marital purposes and used to further the adultery.

Other Factors

Adultery may or may not be a factor in alimony, depending on the situation. The court will look at many other factors when considering whether or not to award alimony and for what amount. These factors include:

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If you are divorcing in Florida, you may want to make note of alimony laws. If you cheated on your spouse, your spousal support may be affected.

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