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Different Ways to Receive Child Support in FL

Child support is a common issue that parents deal with after a divorce. It is often a highly contested item, as many parents do not feel as though they should have to pay for it. However, the law requires that both parents financially support their children.

Custodial parents rely on child support to pay for their children’s needs. The good news is that there are a couple of ways in which you can receive child support in Florida.

Sometimes, the court order will determine the method of payment. In some cases, the parents can decide. Here’s what you need to know about child support payment options.

Direct Payments

As a recipient, you have the option of receiving payments directly from the other parent. You can have the other parent pay you directly via check, money order, or direct deposit.

Many people choose this option for one main reason: it is convenient. You can receive the money right away. However, there is one main downside: there will be no third party monitoring those payments monthly.

This means that if you receive direct payments, you will have to handle payment disputes on your own. If the other parent is late or refuses to pay you altogether, it will be hard to resolve these types of issues of your own. This is why many parents give up the convenience of direct payments and use a third party for more accountability.

Using a Third Party

Using a third party can help you keep a record of child support payments, which can be helpful in the event there is any sort of dispute about who paid what.

In Florida, the State Disbursement Unit handles child support payments. It processes child support payments made by an obligor parent before sending them to the supported parent.

In Florida, a parent can make child support payments to the State Disbursement Unit in several ways:

After receiving child support payment from the obligor parent, the State Disbursement Unit will send the payment to the other parent through direct deposit in one of two ways:

If you do not give the State Disbursement Unit your bank account information, they will automatically deposit your payments onto the smiOne Visa Prepaid Card.

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You and your ex will need to find the best way to send and receive child support payments in Florida. While direct deposit can be convenient, using a third party can alleviate some stress.

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