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Challenges of Co-Parenting During Summer Break

You and your child’s other parent might have an effective parenting plan in place that you follow with ease during the school year. However, things can change once school lets out for summer. Childcare needs, work conflicts, travel, camps, and more can all make your usual parenting schedule difficult to follow in the summer.

While you might have to alter your co-parenting strategy for summer break, you should never do so without following the proper legal steps. Failing to follow your existing parenting order can have consequences - even if you believe both parents agreed to the changes at the time.

Instead, seek advice from an experienced family law attorney. Attorney Brian McMahon can evaluate your situation in light of Florida parenting laws and help you find solutions for any co-parenting challenges you may face.

Below are only some of the various issues that might arise in the summer for co-parents.

Scheduling Conflicts

Summer break often brings vacations, camps, and other activities. Coordinating schedules can be challenging when you both want to spend quality time with your children. It’s crucial to communicate early and plan ahead to avoid conflicts and ensure you both continue to have meaningful time with your children.

Vacation Planning

You or the other parent may wish to take the children on separate vacations during summer break. Agreeing on vacation dates, destinations, and arrangements can be difficult. Ensure you are always transparent about vacation plans, and you follow the guidelines for travel set out in your parenting plan.

Childcare and Supervision

With increased free time, you may need to arrange childcare or other supervision for your children while you are at work or unavailable. Discussing and sharing responsibilities for childcare can help ensure the children are well-cared for. If one parent has a more flexible work schedule, they might provide greater care during the workday for the children than they normally do during the school year.

Financial Matters

Summer activities and expenses may require additional financial contributions from both parents. Discussing and agreeing on the division of costs related to summer camps, vacations, or other activities is crucial to prevent disputes and maintain fairness.

Managing Disagreements

As co-parents, you may have disagreements or conflicts over various issues during summer break. It’s essential to approach these discussions with a cooperative mindset, focusing on the best interests of the children. If necessary, seek the assistance of a family law attorney who can help navigate and resolve conflicts.

Do You Need a Parenting Time Modification?

Sometimes, summer break sheds light on the need to update and modify your existing parenting order. You must go through the family courts to get a formal modification of your order, and you should always seek legal help in doing so.

Speak With a Florida Parenting Time Attorney

Attorney Brian McMahon helps parents in Florida get through complicated parenting issues, including those involving travel and summer break. If you have concerns, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss our family law services and how we can help.