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Does a Stepparent Have Any Legal Rights in Florida?

Becoming a stepparent comes with new challenges and responsibilities, and when you assume your new role as a stepparent, losing your stepchildren is the farthest thing on your mind. But not all relationships last. During a divorce, it can be immensely challenging to maintain the relationship you’ve built with your...

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Can a Divorce Affect My Retirement Fund?

Protecting your retirement fund may not be a priority when considering or are in the middle of a divorce. Most likely, the emotional toll of the divorce on you and your family is probably at the top of your list. However, your financial health also matters, and this includes ensuring...

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Creditors Approach to the COVID Crisis FAQ

(COVID Crisis) – Policies are changing every day, please contact us to discuss solutions that may suit you Can I skip my rent payment during COVID crisis: This will be up to your landlord. Often times, the landlord has to continue to pay the mortgage. So, the landlord will still...

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How to Select a Bankruptcy Lawyer

It’s a helpless feeling. But each day, hundreds of people throughout West Palm Beach file for bankruptcy as a last resort to pay off their debts. Whether you’re planning to file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the process can be complex. Unless you’re an expert in bankruptcy law, tackling...

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What Bankruptcy is Right for Me?

For most Americans, there are two applicable chapters in bankruptcy, chapter 7 and chapter 13. The determination of filing either a chapter 7 or chapter 13 is made first, by the consumer’s needs and second, by the amount of assets or amount of income. The “new” bankruptcy laws created a...

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